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MZURI is the largest rental management company with over 20 years of experience. We manage more than 6,000 flats in 64 Polish cities, including Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Katowice (and most other cities in Silesia), Lublin, Bydgoszcz, Torun, Bialystok, Czestochowa, Radom, Kielce, Szczecin. More than 15,000 tenants have already used our services, 30% of which were foreigners.

Everyone will find a flat here: a student, an employee, a family and a highly qualified specialist. We offer flats for any budget and need: premium apartments, multi-room apartments, studio apartments and rooms in various standards. Prices from 350 pln.

WHY Mzuri

Benefits of renting with Mzuri

1. The tenant does not pay for:
  • the presentation of a flat
  • finding a flat 
  • registration of a lease agreement
2. Wide selection of flats
  • economy class (flats and rooms)
  • comfort class
  • premium class
3. Market rental rates
  • Fixed rent for the entire rental period.
  • Utility costs are calculated based on actual consumption.
  • When signing a lease agreement, you must make a deposit (not a commission for a broker) in the amount of 1-2 rental rates.
  • At the end of the lease term, if the terms of the lease agreement are met and the flat is transferred in good condition, the deposit is always returned.
4. Professional partner
  • We are available 7 days a week, including holidays.
  • We will help in troubleshooting and fixing malfunctions in the flat.
  • We offer rooms and flats in Poland only from owners who cooperate with us on an ongoing basis.
  • We conclude only legal lease agreements, there is no risk that the same object will be leased to several people.
  • We do not visit flats without the consent of the tenant (regular visits are possible only twice a year, after agreeing on a specific time with the tenant).
  • We follow the Code of Ethics.

5. No discrimination

  • We do not discriminate tenants on the basis of their citizenship, nationality, religion, gender, age, etc.
  • We treat all potential tenants equally, regardless of their citizenship and nationality, we require proof of income from all potential tenants.
  • For the convenience of communication, more than 20 English-speaking employees work for us.
  • Our rental agreements are accepted without any problems at the offices for the legalization of stay.
  • Loyalty to tenants with small pets – they are allowed in most flats.

6. Time saving

  • You can check  the flat during a VIDEO conversation.
  • You can check the flat at any time convenient for you, even in the evening and on the weekends.
  • You can see few flats at once with transport.
  • You can sign a reservation and rental agreement remotely.

7. Recommend us

  • Find a tenant and get a 200 PLN coupon



Choose a flat on the 123.mzuri.pl website or contact the Call Center:

Tatjana - 531 813 053
Viktoria - 732 866 665

and we will help you choose an option that suits you best.


Call or send an e-mail and schedule an appointment.


Or, sign a booking agreement remotely (you have to pay a booking fee and confirm your incomes). In this case, there is no risk that the flat will be rented out to someone else.


Sign the rental agreement and pay the rent (at least 3 days before receiving the flat).


On the day of transfer of the flat, an inventory is carried out and the keys are handed over.

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